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You're in a pickle. It's finally warm outside, but you're in the midst of a job search. You feel guilty frolicking around in the sun with buddies when you should be nose deep in resume-revising. So we're here to help, with suggestions on the best ways to further your career search without missing out on all of the Vitamin D the sky suddenly has to offer.

1) Set deadlines.

Don't give up on that backyard BBQ your friend is having. You can go, just avoid wasting the entire day watching The Wire instead of getting some job seeking underway. Tell yourself to get a certain amount done by the time you'd need to leave.

2) Early morning friend run.

Find a friend who also needs to be productive - whether they're a freelancer, a go-getter or just an allover busy person, and get them to meet you in the morning for a run. You'll get some fresh air, do something healthy for your body, give your brain a head start on the day, and get a mini hangout in, all before ten.

3) Reward yourself.

Accompanying the deadlines rule, reward yourself when you meet a deadline. Positive reinforcement can work even on yourself. Finish a solid hour of resume work and let yourself go for a walk around the block. It's good for your brain to get a break from thinking and self-analyzing, so it's win-win. For you and your brain.

4) Get some second opinions.

Turn a stuck moment into a productivity session when you convince a friend to meet you for coffee and a quick resume revision. Find a comfy park bench to co-caffeinate and have her help trim down your resume, update words, and work out the kinks.

5) Use your time outside to brainstorm.

Go for a walk, sit in a park, stop by the beach, and as long as you dedicate some of that time to further your search, you're golden. Prioritize the job qualities you're looking for or put yourself in the middle of an imaginary interview. Visualizing the future of the job application process will mentally prepare you for what's to come, and remind you of the end goal.

6) Worse comes to worst, sit by a window.

Fresh air does wonders. Just because you can't spare the time to sit on the beach somewhere doesn't mean your job-seeking environment can't be freshened up a bit with a spring breeze. Even just getting some new air into your living space can invigorate your mind and even momentarily trick you into feeling like you're in the great outdoors.

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It's Marathon Monday! We know there's a bit of a nervous cloud over this year's run, but in the spirit of the day, and at the risk of sounding cavalier we want to say to everyone running - good luck! We wish you a safe and successful marathon.

Yes, the marathon itself if is a big deal, but have you ever noticed the branding? Or the posters around the city leading up to the marathon? We started digging around the archives (the internet) to investigate the look of marathons around the world - whether official branding or amateur posters. We came up with some interesting design work, and we'd love to share it.

LA Marathon poster 2010The LA Marathon in 2010. Designed by Cleon Peterson of Studio Number One.
PriestLake_2013_Marathon_PosterPriest Lake Marathon in 2013. Designed by Tran Creative.
European Velo Marathon 2012European Velo Marathon 2012European Velo Marathon 2012. Designed by Ian Reid.
Milano City MarathonMilano City Marathon 2013. Designed by Giulia Voltini and Elisabetta Bianchi.
design marathon posterGeorgia Marathon 2010. Designed by Pyrhha Studio.
Chicago Marathon 2012. Designed by Struggle Inc..
Arlo-LasVegasMarathon2005PosterLas Vegas Marathon 2005. Designed by Arlo.



Shanghai International Marathon 2013. Designed by Benny Luk.

We love the simple shapes, easy-on-the-eyes colors, and creative typography in each of these. Very fun to look through and considering marathons have a new look each year, we're excited to see what the rest of 2014 will bring.

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