In the last post we talked about things you don't have to worry about when you work with a trusted recruiter. But considering that talking to them is one of the best things you can do to further your career, it's about time we told you what a recruiter will do for you (besides get you the job you've always wanted).

They get unlisted jobs. Having a relationship with the company means one very important thing: they don't need to post on every job board in town. They come to a staffing firm, who then knows about an open position before the rest of the world. Recruiters are also notified about listed jobs, so you don't have to worry about missing out! Chances are, they reached out to a recruiter in addition to posting on a job board because they don't have adequate time to dedicate to finding a prospective candidate on their own.

They can keep it on the DL. Down low. They won't tell anyone you're looking! One of the best parts of working with a staffing firm is that you don't need to a) post your resume anywhere public and b) worry about dredging through the depths of the internet in search of a possible position, on your lunch break at your current job.

They get to know you. A good recruiter will dig to understand your true skill set and personality. They start with your past jobs and discuss where you want to take things in the future. They (should) talk about lifelong hopes and dreams. They'll do a trust fall with you. Woah, getting ahead of ourselves here. But you get it - a good recruiter cares! End result? We want you to find a great job and we want the companies we work with to discover a great candidate - finding a good match is what we crave. Recruiters aren't just someone who will find you your perfect job, they're people who are aware of who you are so that when the perfect job comes along, they know you would be a great fit. The most successful relationships are years in the making, and a recruiter should feel like a friend and ally.

So what's keeping you?

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Maybe you've been on the prowl for a new job lately.  Perhaps you've been unemployed for some time. or maybe you're just looking to jump ship at your current workplace in search of a better opportunity.

The process looks a little like this: you sit down and go through your resume with a fine tooth comb, revising and editing your resume, you spend hours updating and reevaluating your portfolio, putting extra thought into which projects to keep and which to toss. Mornings you're at your computer, scouring the internet for tiny bites at an open position, often finding yourself in a pile of the same listings you saw the day before. Evenings are the same monotony.

You're one fish in a giant pond of applicants for the one open position that sounds like a good fit, and you tweak and twist your cover letter and rewrite and ask advice and rewrite again until it feels perfect. You sit through your daily routine with a deep concern over whether the company even received your application, and wonder why you haven't heard back (because you were a perfect fit, right?) and before you know it, weeks  later, dozens of applications later, you're maybe thrown an interview but you're still without a job.

In the spirit of a terrible infomercial: there's gotta be a better way!

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 6.34.51 PM

Enter: recruiters.

If you work with a staffing firm, the job search process sounds a little more like this: Meet with a recruiter. Get a job or at the very least, advice and a sounding board throughout the job search process. Coming to a recruiter is the best thing you can do for the future of your professional life. Here are some things you don't have to worry about, if you choose to work with one:

They don't waste your time. Navigating the job search process is something a recruiter does every single day - they know what a candidate needs and they're able to supplement your existing skills. Working with you to tweak your resume and helping you understand a benefits package being offered to you, for example, is all part of the process. They're not going to push you into something that isn't a good fit. This also means if you've reached out to one recruiter, but another one at the firm is better suited for your specific job interests, you'll work with whoever will bring you success. No finders-keepers!

They aren't limited to your current network. The best part! Especially if you've exhausted your current web of friends and colleagues, it's great to have a recruiter as another arm of your personal marketing. They can make connections for you and help you develop relationships with people you couldn't reach on your own.

They don't not know the companies (like what we did there?). What a lot of people don't realize is that recruiters have standing relationships with companies all across the region. They've worked with them for so long because they continuously bring the best and brightest (you!). Hiring managers come to recruiters they have a trusted relationship with first - they know they'll deliver the goods because they know the companies so well: the working style, attitude, and skill set of each and every employee greatly affects their business.

Next up: what recruiters bring to the table.

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