Year's end may seem like a pointless time to be in search of your next career move, but that can't be further from the truth. Spotty holiday schedules and limited 4th quarter hiring budgets aside, December can be an excellent month to take advantage of free time and ramp up your job search. We'll get you started on a holiday career hunt so great, you'll start next year with one check marked off on your New Year's Resolution list.

Dust off your contacts list.

A cheery "Happy Holidays" message is an easy excuse for reaching out to check in. See what your contacts have been up to and let them know you're open to finding something new. Spend some time circulating at your neighbor's shindig, chatting with the new faces, and see what comes up. A large amount of career moves come from networking, so reach out to your alumni association and get in touch with past colleagues. Even if their companies aren't hiring, you'll be fresh in their mind when something comes up.

Set a schedule.

Having several days off doesn't necessarily mean you'll have the time to invest in your job hunt. It's easy to get wrapped up in holiday festivities (even if "festivities" means more time lounging on the couch), so make your job search a priority. Set aside daily time dedicated to sifting through job boards and filling out applications. Maybe even make it the first thing you do each day - start your mornings with a dose of productivity!

Make a game out of it.

You can't have a cookie until you've applied for a job.
No night out with friends until you've updated your resume.
No touching the eggnog unless your cover letter is up to par.

Fit your job search into a personally-enforced rewards program, and keep yourself invested in the process. Who better to hold you accountable than the same "you" who determines those beloved New Year's Resolutions every January?

Lead the pack.

In December, the application piles get a little lighter. Not only are applicants preoccupied with gift giving, family time and all that accompanies it, but employers are hitting the end of their yearly budgets, often leaving little room for new hires. Remove that fact from your brain and embrace the chances of finding a new opportunity – hey, if the job is posted, they could use someone, and it might as well be you!

If your dream company isn't hiring at year's end, use this time to get ahead of the New Year, New Job crowd. Send your resume to the top of the pile the moment a spot opens up by using the time off to prep your materials. Re-edit your cover letter, fine tune your resume, and polish up your portfolio.

Whip up delicious hot chocolate and settle in for a (hopefully not) long winter's job search. Set aside your urge to relax and get moving on your next career move. Use the holiday time off to your advantage, and make finding a job... well, festive!

Posted: 12/13/2019 11:05:05 AM by Amanda Wahl | with 0 comments