You have a smartphone. You're certainly familiar with Instagram, Facebook, maybe some Angry Birds? Do people still play that? But think about what apps you have as far as productivity goes. It's still early in 2014 - organize and get yourself some sanity already! There are 5 apps that might be of assistance:

1. Things // To-Do



Easy to add items to be done, easy to tag them for easy searching later, easy to add repeating tasks, easy to add due dates, and easy to automatically sync all to-dos across all devices. Have you noticed a common theme? Things 2 is easy.

2. Busy // To-Do

Busy is more of a productivity motivator than others. Get into a routine of starting your day with your starred task (the one you're most likely to do) so you don't procrastinate. The inbox acts as a container to hold all tasks and you release them to your "Important," "Doing," and "Done" lists as you progress through tasks. The best part is, you can organize to-do items by project - Home tasks, Financial tasks, and other Projects you create yourself. No more visually chaotic lists of things to be done. Busy is, in a word, simplicity.

3. Evernote // Paperless Notebook

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Evernote has been around for a while, begging to be an app before apps were even a thing. It acts as almost a virtual scrapbook - pull images and text you find on the internet, make notes, put them into "notebooks" and easily search everything later. Save recipes, create grocery lists, plan trips, save receipts and bills, all while reducing paper clutter in your life. You can also upgrade to a subscription plan, opening up opportunities to allow others to edit your notebooks and for them to be taken offline.

4. Supper // Food and Playlists

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 4.01.16 PM


Does this fit in the category of Productivity? Making food while listening to some tunes? Yeah, sure. We all have to eat and most of us like music, so why not combine the two without having to do much? Supper is an awesome app that provides delicious-looking recipes and the playlists to go along with them. Get motivated to dice, chop and fry while to the beat of whatever music has been chosen, and then reward yourself (and your dinner party) with some jams to eat to. Try some new food, give some fresh music a shot, and it's win-win. Kill two birds with one stone.

5. Paprika // Recipe Curator

groceries meals recipe

Gather recipes from all over the internet, collect them in one app and then go to town. Paprika formats the recipes, allows you to creative interactive grocery lists (combining ingredients from different recipes for a total amount needed), and keeps your screen on while you're cooking. It also allows you to create a meal plan each week, start a timer when a time is recognized in a recipe, and automatically scale ingredients to your desired serving size.

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If you've been following us for a while, you know us. You know what we're like, you know where our skill set lies, and you know, most importantly, that we value knowing you above all else. When candidates come to us seeking guidance for their next career move, we talk to them, find out where they'd like to be in the future, and are very thorough about finding the perfect match, career-wise. We heavily invest ourselves in your future, so it's understandable that maybe our own website took a lower spot on the priority list, right?

And this is the fun part. CM Access is getting a new look! We've been developing a new identity and website to go along with it for several months, and we're getting pretty psyched that the launch is coming up.

But we don't want to spoil it before you see it. We'll go over the redesign in the next couple posts, but to get you amped up, we thought we'd take another glance at some of the biggest redesigns you might have heard about recently! First up: TGI Fridays.

TGI Friday logo redseign

The original logo held its place since 1965, and though the company clung to its Tuscan inspiration for a redesign in 2004, things needed more of a change when they took a second look last year.

The name of the game? Simplify, simplify, simplify (they even removed the periods between T, G, and I). This seems to be a common theme among many companies today. While original logos were intended for brick-and-mortar restaurants and printed paper menus, today's need to apply to web sites, apps, emails, animations, etc. etc. etc. Another relevant piece of information to consider is the worldwide span of the company. With over 900 locations in more than 60 countries, Fridays' interior design took a small departure from the Americana antique kitsch it had clung to for decades, in search of a more contemporary casual dining experience.


TGI Fridays did a great job of improving their look and public perception of their business, while not abandoning their roots entirely. They kept the red and white stripes, but left the detailed shape behind. They stuck with a few vintage items in the restaurant, but organized them on a framed wall. A brand redesign is a great opportunity to evaluate whether all of your past aesthetic and functional choices are effective, and designing with intention is the best process to go through in order to succeed.

We went through it, too. Can't wait for you all to see the new and improved CM Access!

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New year! 2014 will be a fun one.

If you're like most people, you have the best of intentions - deciding on a resolution before the year even starts, telling your friends, even going so far as to write it down on a piece of paper and swear to yourself that this year is the one, this year will be different, you'll do it. And 6 months later you find that piece of paper in a drawer. Enter the To Resolve Project.

Created by artists and designers all over, these images serve as a daily reminder of your best-of-intentions start to the year, incorporating new year's resolutions into attractive, simple phone backgrounds.

S_Hill_Resolution_finalKeep In Touch by Scott Hill

PrintRead More by Matt McCracken of Doublenaut

To20Resolve20iPhoneStep Away by Riley Cran

Corys_ToResolve_iPhoneMake Sh*t by Hand by Cory Roberts

To20Resolve_Hines_1Live Simply by Jason Hines

ScottHillMake Things With My Hands by Scott Hill

So, if you haven't decided on a resolution yet (you're 5 days behind already!), decide on one based on the background you like best, OR download the template and submit your own.
Happy New Year!

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