You've put out the work, selected the strongest pieces to highlight, and have even organized it chronologically or categorically or visually. Mockups have been made, photographs have been taken, and you're looking to display projects in a way that looks cohesive and confident. You're ready to take the next step and create a portfolio website that, well... feels like "yours."
Before you start stressing over the time it'll take to troubleshoot your way through creating a website, there's good news. You don't have to have web design listed on your resume to throw together a portfolio that's set to impress. There are tons of options available for every skill level. We go through them all below:
Cargo Collective - $13/month or $99/year
With many templates and inspired design, it's no surprise that Cargo Collective is a community that requires approval for you to have a site. Having some HTML or CSS knowledge allows you to customize your site and control how everything is displayed, but if coding isn't your forte, Cargo puts everything right at your fingertips.
Adobe Portfolio - Free with CC subscription
A newcomer to the field of online portfolio sites, but an established face in the creative world, Adobe presents their relatively new option for showing your work. It leads designers, artists, and photographers to a small selection of templates, complete with web hosting and fully integrated with one's Behance portfolio. The finished product is polished, straightforward, and easy to navigate, making it no surprise that we have seen a lot of success among candidates that use Adobe Portfolio!
Squarespace - $16/month or $144/year
If you listen to any podcasts, you've probably heard a host mention Squarespace a few times or twelve. Sleek and simple, with many templates to choose from, Squarespace knows have to give your work room to breathe. Plus, they make it easy to sell products right from your site (make that $, honey).
Behance - Free
Considered more of a social platform and networking site for creatives, Behance is at its core a portfolio site. It also displays jobs, comments, and offers the ability to show your creative clout with likes and follows. Being surrounded by a community of talented creators is inspiring, but even better is being vouched for by them. One downside? The free site only allows you to upload projects to their existing interface.
Berta - €9.99/ month
A newer site builder on the block, Berta is a startup from the minds of a few designers around the world. It's open source, the prices are reasonable, and their templates are simple, in a good way. Sometimes all you need is a somewhat-structured blank canvas to make your work shine, and Berta provides just that.
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