In the big, expansive World Wide Web, there are skills at play. No, those websites didn't just magically appear (we know you know that) - there are designers and developers behind everything found online. Each button placement, every text area, even the way a user scrolls through a site, has all been formed by the hands of designers and implemented by developers. While the two positions initially emerged from the need for specialists who could keep up with rapidly-changing technology, the industry now considers both jobs to greatly benefit from understanding the responsibilities and skills of the other. The important thing to note: each job usually draws a different type of person, and their skills don't often naturally overlap. Learning more about each role is the best place to start.

Now, the absolute best way for you to find a career path in the web design/development area is to have skills that apply to both jobs. It's nearly impossible to find someone who can do it all, so a candidate with a solid combined skill set of design and programming skills is in high demand.
Posted: 6/13/2016 12:42:36 PM by Amanda Wahl | with 0 comments