Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 6.34.51 PMYou know we do things a little differently. You know each one of these eggs represents one of us, right? We love it.

This was the first major rebranding we've ever done, and though we expected it, we came to find that there's a lot of back and forth, and decisions that needed to be made. The process certainly applies to many other projects and situations, so we thought we'd share a bit about what we learned.

1) Go with your gut.


We knew we wanted something lively and fun to be the face of our (yeah, we'll say it) lively and fun company. We didn't doubt that something that might seem ridiculous on paper, decorated eggs, could actually be quite perfect once executed, and boy were we right. The eggs all started out plain, but quickly morphed into this playful group of characters (not to mention, we actually had a lot of fun making them). They're a happiness-inducing visual to introduce you to the personalized experience you get when you work with us, and we couldn't be more pleased with the result.

2) Be prepared for things to take some time.

We've been planning on this redesign for quite some time, and still somehow things got tied up. Building quality assurance into the schedule is important- when something (inevitably) doesn't quite work, time needs to be devoted to troubleshooting the problem and ultimately fixing it. We also wanted a more responsive design for better usage on mobile devices and tablets, which takes...? You guessed it- time! There were lots of changes to small details and little tweaks no one could have anticipated. Also, with lots of opinions going into a redesign, making sure everyone's on the same page will save time in the long run. Which leads us to our next one:


Make sure everyone knows the process and schedule up front. Yes, timing will most likely change as the project goes on, but assuring that your internal and external teams have the same expectations is key. You also find yourself addressing questions before it's crunch time and it's absolutely critical to have answers. We encountered the issue of whether or not a full-on switch from the old to new look was necessary, and decided to move all digital components and most printed collateral into the redesign right away. The website was our main concern, so allowing some promotional materials and other pieces to be used up before they were reprinted seemed like an eco-conscious solution.

4) Know your audience.

This applies to every project, always. Figure out who your people are - for us it's an overlapping group of creative professionals looking for work and hiring managers looking for a recruiter. Then figure out where they are - are they on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? Are they looking for jobs on Twitter and use Facebook more for a vibe of the company? Will they forward a job to their friends? Knowing who is using the site dictates how functionality should be structured and how different components of our online presence need to be organized. Studying this up front directs the redesign in an appropriate way.

We're a company with a personality, and going through this entire process has resulted in a brand new design that reflects just that. We're ecstatic with the results and ready for you to contact us so we can help you move forward in your career! So what are you waiting for? Call us, email us, get in touch. We're ready.

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Have you been to any Boston Design Week events yet? If you haven't had a chance, here are some more in the upcoming week that might be worth checking out (or we hope you got a ticket, because some are sold out!):

1) Influential by Design: The Swiss Poster's Impact on the Modern World

International Poster Gallery and swissnex Boston
5:00-7:00pm // March 26 // 205 Newbury St.

Swiss Poster Design

To celebrate the Gallery’s 20th Anniversary on Newbury Street, come and enjoy a gallery talk on the Swiss poster’s impact on international design, especially in the mid-20th century. Co-presented by swissnex Boston, Featured Speakers are Chris Pullman, senior critic, graphic design program at Yale University, and gallery owner Jim Lapides. The program accompanies a one-day exhibition and sale of poster masterpieces drawn from the Gallery’s world-leading Swiss collection. The Gallery’s website contains nearly 5000 images accessible through a powerful search engine.

More info.

2) Engage: Boston Designs for Good

Community Design Resource Center of Boston
6:00-8:00pm // March 26 // BSA Space, 290 Congress St. Ste. 200

“Design like you give a damn,” urge Cameron Sinclair and Kate Stohr.
Oh baby, we do! Ever since McKim, Mead, and White emblazoned “Free to all” above the entrance to the nation’s first urban public library, Boston architecture and its architects have embraced design for the greater good. Join today’s top designers for a lively slide show and survey of Boston’s best recent humanitarian design projects, along with innovative approaches to engaging the audiences we serve.

More info.

3) Gallery Tour and Talk at Green Patriot Posters Exhibition

Design Museum, Boston - Please RSVP
6:30-8:00pm // March 27 // "315 on A," 315 A St.

Green Patriot Posters

The Revolution Will Be Designed! Join us for a special gallery talk and tour of the Green Patriot Posters exhibition. Hear from designers featured in the exhibition and dive deeper into the public awareness campaign. Enjoy light refreshments and mingle with Boston design fans.

More info.

4) Reclaimed Retail: Building Businesses with Reclaimed Salvaged Materials

!ND!V!DUALS Collective - Please RSVP
8:00-9:00pm // March 28 // Orchard Skate Shop, 297 Newbury St.

Orchard Skate Shop

Using the wood from a 100 year old home being demolished in Allston, Installation artists !ND!V!DUALS Collective designed and built the newest retail shop on Newbury Street. They now welcome you to join them at 'Orchard' for an artist talk about building with reclaimed wood for businesses, galleries and festivals... all while working out of a two car garage!

More info.

5) Art and Design That Endures: Ensuring the Future

Presented by F.H. Perry Builder, at AD20/21
2:00-3:00pm // March 30 // The Cyclorama, 539 Tremont St.

Art and Design that Endures

Unless you are standing out in the middle of nature, everything around you is consciously designed: from the clothes you wear, to the cell phone you carry, to your home, workplace and beyond.

How can we ensure that the knowledge to create the extraordinary will be transferred to the next generation? How is excellence in design being fostered today in our city? Join us for a thought-provoking panel discussion.

More info.

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Those of you in the Boston area should be aware that we're right in the middle of Boston Design Week! It began on March 20th, with daily events through the 30th, and if you take a look through the events they have planned, there seems to be something for everyone. To save you some time, we looked through the rest of the week to see what's coming up that is a maybe- or a must-see (though it was tough to choose!) and put them here for your benefit. Though we missed the beginning of the week, we'll suggest some things coming up in the next few days, and later this week we'll suggest a few more. If you attend anything, let us know! We'd love to hear if our recommendations were solid. In chronological order:

1) Industrial Revulation: Re-purposing - Residential, Restaurants, Retail...& Refreshments!

Restoration Resources - Please RSVP
6:00-8:00pm // March 24 // 1946 Washington St.


Join Brendan Haley of B Haley Designs at Restoration Resources in Boston's historical South End for light refreshments, while participating in this creative workshop and presentation to create your own Industrial Revulation on the spot! Brainstorm with Brendan and fellow workshop attendees on several ways to creatively re-purpose a salvaged piece. Formulate the steps to bring your piece from a simple idea into reality.

More info.

2) How Boston Designers Changed the World

Massachusetts College of Art and Design
6:00-7:00pm // March 24 // Tower Auditorium, 621 Huntington Ave.

This fascinating 35-minute lecture illustrated with historical images and objects demonstrates that Boston-based designers instigated major changes in sustainable transportation, civil rights, apparel, tools, communication, science, filmmaking, military equipment, corporate identity, education, illustration, and the preservation of globally significant cultural treasures. Some of the design work covered: GM's first electric car, color of frozen French fries, U.S. combat helmet, political cartoons leading to the 19th Amendment, Paul Revere Monument, Wizard-of-Oz special effects, and wrap-around sunglasses. Discussion to follow.

More info.

3) A Touch of Hue

Circle Furniture - Please RSVP
6:00-8:00pm // March 25 // 31 St. James Ave.


Come join us for A Touch of Hue, celebrating color! Guest speaker Lisa Teague, founder of Quiet Home Paints, will talk about the importance of color and how to manipulate the eye through the use of color. Enjoy cocktails and delicious nibbles at our Boston showroom. Lisa Teague has over 25 years of industry experience working with color and designing beautiful spaces. Her work can be seen in various publications including Elle Decor, Country Living, and NH Home.

More info.

4) About the Process: The Production and Design Process of the TV series, This Old House

Boston Architectural College & This Old House
6:00-7:30pm // March 25 // "The Beehive" in the BAC Hall // 951 Boylston St.


Join Deborah Hood, Series Senior Producer, and Christine Tuttle, Interior Designer on the 2014 This Old House project. Millions of viewers turn to This Old House for expert advice on home improvement and remodeling. Go behind the scenes at this program through a short video followed by a lively and engaging Question & Answer period. Through its popular PBS series, This Old House follows remodeling projects of houses over a number of weeks. Along with the This Old House magazine and website, the series connects you with the latest information, tips and tools. Reception to follow.

More info.

5) Art and Design as a Practical Social Action

Boston APP/Lab - Please RSVP
6:30-8:00pm // March 25 // Boston Society of Architects // 290 Congress St. #200

Continuing its mission to provide a laboratory, or "maker's space," for new strategies, process, and collaborations to invigorate art in Greater Boston's public spaces, this session will hone in on art and design as key elements of the Boston region's innovation economy; and an equally critical component of both enterprise and community-building. The session will itself represent a collaboration with Artists for humanity, as we examine AFH's model for integrating art, design, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

More info.

6) From Finland with Love: Marimekko in America, Past & Present

Scandanavian Cultural Center - Please RSVP to
7:00-8:30pm // March 25 // 206 Waltham St., West Newton, MA

In the summer of 1959, Marimekko designs were introduced to the American market through an exhibition at Design Research (D/R), the innovative Cambridge home furnishings store founded by architect Benjamin Thompson. Marimekko fabrics and their dresses, dubbed a “uniform for intellectuals,” went on to enjoy phenomenal success in the U.S. (especially in the Boston area) over the next 20 years. Now, having recently celebrated its 60th anniversary, Marimekko is once again bursting onto the American scene, introducing new designers while continuing to make use of its rich archive of “classic” designs. In this informal program Susan Ward will discuss the history of Marimekko, D/R, and the local context, from the 1950s to the present.

More info.

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Our new site has launched! You're using it as we speak. So tell us, how do you feel about the purple and green?

As I'm sure you can imagine, the colors were a very deliberate choice. Our old site design involved red, an invigorating color at first, becoming a little intense after a while. We decided to calm it down a bit and update the site with a more appropriate and contemporary color combination: purple and green.   The color purple is uplifting, promotes creativity, and calms the mind and nerves. Green relaxes and soothes, helps alleviate depression, nervousness, and anxiety, and offers a sense of renewal, self-control, and harmony. In short, our color selection responds to all varieties of emotions associated with the journey of finding a new job.

We wanted to simplify. Make things easier to find and easier to use. A lot has changed in the last few years as our company has grown, and though we'd accommodated the need for new tools and functionalities on the site, its original design hadn't taken these eventual changes into account. It's about time we streamlined the site, simplifying the navigation and extending that through to establish a visually clean aesthetic.

With a newly redesigned site, now you know what we're about right off the bat. The homepage puts our approach, our team, our available jobs, and our blog exactly where it needs to be – right in front of your face.

1) We like to have fun. Finding a new job can be a grueling process, but maintaining a good attitude can go a long way and we recognize that.

recent jobs

2) It's about getting a job. So we put jobs front and center, showing the most recent job postings. Who knows, maybe a job you didn't even know existed will spark your interest.

CM Access bios

3) Get to know us a little bit on the "Meet the Team" page and "Our Approach" page. Let our comforting faces assure you that you're working with the right people. See who would work with you on a certain job application process, and know ahead of time if they're an avid skier or a theater-goer. Within "Our Approach," see exactly what we're capable of: what sort of jobs we can get you, the industries we're involved with, and what support and development we can offer you.

CM Access blog

4) We know what's up. We're on top of what's going on in the creative world, and we want you to know it. Links to our blog full of tips, tricks, projects, and events are right on the homepage so you can stay as up to date as we do.

We're so thrilled with the new look and functionalities, and can't wait to hear how it's improved your experience from this point forward. Check in next week when we go through a little more of the nitty gritty- the logistics behind redesigning a website.

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Logo and Website Support Professional Marketing Staffing Services
with a Personal Touch

February 4, 2014 – Boston, MA: CM Access, a firm specializing in creative, marketing and interactive staffing, unveiled a vibrant new brand identity today, including a re-imagined logo and streamlined website. The launch complements the firm’s commitment to generating great work from great relationships.

“We believe that when the right talent connects with the right employer, they both thrive,” said Kristin Motta Zwickau, Director. “Our new identity captures the essence of our high energy, high touch approach to working with clients and candidates. More than ever, we’re positioned to deliver quality talent across a full range of creative disciplines.”

CM Access’ new logo introduces a bright color palette of purple and green with a modern font treatment. The forward-looking identity system serves as a springboard for the company’s visibility as it expands its services across the national hiring market.

To reinforce its new identity, CM Access also launched a new website at, which captures the playful and energetic side of CM Access through a campaign built around custom-designed artistic eggs representing each staff member.

“Because we love what we do and get excited about coming to work every day, we wanted to have some fun with our redesign,” said Motta Zwickau. “The eggs convey the message that we’re not like every other staffing firm out there!” Visitors can also access the company’s open job requirements, blog, and employee and client portal.

CM Access is based in Boston, MA. Its services encompass every aspect of creative, marketing and interactive design, including the design, development and implementation of technology to support corporate strategy. The company is a division of System One, a national provider of specialized workforce solutions and integrated services.

About CM Access
CM Access finds and hires the best creative, interactive, mobile, and marketing talent for clients of all sizes. We believe great work comes from great relationships. When the right talent connects with the right employer, they both thrive. Discover our personal touch and learn more at

Jennifer Bernhart
Marketing & Communications
T 727.642.4445

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