Today is National Napping Day

It's true! It's a real thing! You're not dreaming (or maybe you are?).

Based on the fact that we all lost one precious hour of sleep this past weekend, it feels fitting that we should be allotted an hour to make up for it – smack dab in the middle of the work day.


No, the day is not as nationally recognized as it should be, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate in any way you see fit (ok, napping is the only proper way to celebrate). If you don't happen to work in a fancy space with napping pods, what's an employee to do?

Luckily a lot of companies are on board with the Napping Increases Productivity idea, with new data and products being released every month to back that theory up. It might be cool for you to nap but that doesn't necessarily make it easy, especially if there's no designated area to do so. We've got some suggestions for you! Disclaimer: we are not responsible for consequences resulting from your napping.

Get an Ostrich pillow.

Did you know ostriches sleep with their head in the sand? Your neck isn't quite long enough, so this company has brought the head cover up to you. Keep it quiet and dark with almost your whole face covered. Just bring a hair brush for a quick post-nap fix-up.




Sleep in your car.

We know, it sounds pathetic. BUT think about it – you have the privacy of your own space, and the security of knowing that you won't be caught looking like you're slacking. You're just on your lunch break and that lunch happens to be the consuming of some serious Zzzzs.

Get a desk hammock.

We're jealous of anyone that owns this thing, because it looks WONDERFUL. It hangs from underneath a desk, so not only can you sleep in comfort, but you also stay pretty incognito. Someone walking by might not even notice you.

Put your head down and a little sign up.

A simple "Ten Minute Power Nap. BRB." will do – putting your head down on your desk gives your eyes a rest from the screen and your brain a rest from the stress. The best marketing jargon in the world are the words "Power Nap," repositioning a quick snooze as a productivity booster rather than a catch up for an exhausted employee.

There you have it – happy napping!

Posted: 3/13/2017 4:14:20 PM by Amanda Wahl | with 0 comments