How to Work From Home

If you're in the creative industry, there's a very good chance you have experienced the winter-avoiding bliss that is working remotely. In the last four years, the number of people working from home one day or less per week actually decreased while the percentage of those working remotely for longer periods increased equally. 31% of employees work from home four to five days a week, indicating that the American workforce is embracing the shift.


Having worked from home only a few times leaves you to likely conclude that it's "not for you," or that you'd "never get anything done," but let us tell you, a steady place in your home office is different from the occasional tv-filled Snowpocalypse workday.

Just because it different doesn't make it easy, so we've got some tips for you:

1) Get dressed.

You never thought wearing something as casual as jeans could shove you into working mode, but it's amazing what peeling off the pajamas can do to a person. There's a psychology behind clothing, so ignore your morning instincts to stick to the sweats, and put on something different.

2) Routine, routine, routine.

One of the most efficient parts of your day with an out-of-the-house job is likely your morning routine. You shower, get dressed, eat, or get coffee, and arrive at your desk at almost the same time, every single day. Your work at home can only benefit from maintaining regular hours and habits, so carrying over this everyday morning routine is worth a try!

3) Plan your lunches.

If you were leaving the house, you'd have mentally planned out what you'd be eating and where, so don't let that habit slip. Prepare your lunch just as you would if you were leaving, otherwise you'll find yourself standing at the fridge at 1pm scanning for something quick to nosh on.

4) Get out.

People's biggest suspicion about a home office is that they'll get stir crazy. Snow days and frigid temps aside, it can get a little stale unless you make an effort to get outside each day. Maintain a gym membership, walk your dog, walk your neighbor's dog, or just spread out your weekly errands so there's somewhere to go and fresh air to be breathed. Or, hit up a coffee shop for an inexpensive escape from your comfy office chair.

5) Stay in touch with coworkers.

Just like any long distance relationship, both parties must make an effort to check in. Loneliness is a genuine concern of remote workers, and losing out on the camaraderie of coworkers can be a tough adjustment. Ease your pain by touching base via email or chat throughout the day, and you won't miss the office as much.

6) Find a community.

The perk of not being in an office is the freedom of space and time, right? No one to interrupt your workflow, distract you with a chit chat or drag you into an unnecessary meeting. The downside is the lack of community found in a traditional office, but fear not! You can find your people through meetups or coworking spaces. All of the fun parts of a workspace with none of the gunk.

Posted: 11/29/2017 10:46:56 AM by Amanda Wahl | with 0 comments