CM Access offers employees two self-service portals to access important functions.

eConnect for Timesheet Submittal

Please submit your timesheet by close of business on each Friday to meet weekly deadlines.

ADP for HR, Benefits and Payroll Records

Access and edit key information such as contact and banking info, tax preferences, benefit selection, forms, pay statements and more.

By using these systems, you agree to review timecard instructions and abide by the full terms and conditions.

Timecard Instructions

Welcome to eConnect timecard system. Your hours are automatically emailed weekly to your client supervisor and timecards are all reviewed and approved online. You must register in the eConnect system to select your User Name and Password.

Step 1: Keep track of your hours as you normally would.

Step 2: Enter your hours prior to Friday close of business (absolute latest 12:00am midnight).

NOTE:  You may enter your hours each day or wait until the end of the week, but ALL hours for that week must be entered prior to Friday 12:00am midnight to be included in the coming week's payroll. If you miss the deadline for current week's payroll, the processing of your check may be delayed.
NOTE:  If you are submitting time for a previous week ending date, you must choose the appropriate weekending (with Sunday being the week ending day)

Step 3: When you submit your time, you will be given a confirmation number for your records. Print out or write down your confirmation number.

Important:  Keep this number in a safe place until you have received your paycheck.

Assignment numbers are cross-referenced with the CM Access database to ensure accuracy.  CM Access systems are backed up daily.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the employee agreement below before submitting your time online:

  • I agree that at all times I am an employee of CM Access.
  • I certify that I have worked the hours that I am reporting and the hours are accurate and correct. I also understand that timecard forgery or fraud may constitute a crime and will be prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law.
  • I represent that I have not been injured or suffered an on-the-job illness during this period. In the event that I am injured while working on any assignment for CM Access, I agree to immediately contact my CM Access office.
  • I understand that I am obligated to immediately report any instances of harassment or discrimination I believe I may have been subjected to, or have witnessed by contacting my CM Access office.
  • I understand that my paycheck will be delayed if my time is incomplete or inaccurate.
  • I agree to immediately contact my CM Access branch office upon completion of each assignment.
  • Should I be offered a full-time position with a CM Access customer, I MUST contact CM Access immediately for information regarding the temp-to-hire policy.