Our Team

Lisa Manning


Jarrett Brimmer

Senior Staffing Consultant

Andrea Azza

Hybrid Recruiter

Amie Schneller

Sr. Staffing Consultant

Melissa Manning

Office Manager

Jarrett is an expert of multiple industries. His knowledge of the technology, creative and digital space, alongside his passion for finding solutions for our clients, has made him a key member of our team. With 10 years’ experience representing print and creative companies, Jarrett transitioned naturally into the world of talent acquisition. His ability to find new business and identify opportunities to optimize talent has earned him the trust of our clients across the board. Throughout his professional life, Jarrett has developed a discerning awareness of the unique challenges and personalities that comprise the tech and digital industries. He has been able to define the needs of our clients making him a valuable asset to CM Access.

Talyn is high performing Senior Technical Recruiter with 3+ years work experience in the IT/Engineering, Biotech/Pharma, and Solar Energy industries.

My 15 years of sales and recruitment experience in creative and interactive have made me a pro in career counseling and client relationship development. I love getting to know New England’s top talent, providing career guidance and coaching while developing professional relationships that last. My favorite “staffing success” story is a placement that lasted a year, when it had originally been contracted for just one week. As a devoted wife and mother of two beautiful boys, I love to spend time with my family -- biking and swimming when we can.

I've been working in sales and recruitment for over 15 years. I love building new client relationships and establishing a great rapport based on mutual success. When your business needs creative, marketing or interactive minds, I'm here to help. When it's time to play, you'll find me spending time with my two young sons, reading and filling my brain with useless trivia.

I am a full-cycle Recruiter with a proven history of delivering results that match the needs of the client. As a Recruiting Professional with experience in networking, sourcing, job searching and interviewing, my role is understanding the needs of hiring managers and sourcing the best talent to fill those needs and open positions. With a background in both Human Resources and Recruiting, I have a passion for finding untapped talent and helping individuals find promising careers. If you are interested in new opportunities or would like to connect for the future, I’d love to hear from you. When I’m not finding or interacting with the best talent in Boston, you will see me dancing Banghra in India or eating beignet in Paris. Traveling is my other passion/hobby.

David has years of experience in the digital and creative recruiting space, which has afforded him the opportunity to work extensively and strategically with talent and clients alike! He is someone you can trust to understand the complexities of our client’s business and hiring needs, and who understands talent’s career paths and aspirations. His knowledge of the complex recruiting space coupled with his hands-on understanding of digital marketing and design, make him a perfect fit for the CM Access team!

Melissa is self-proclaimed "jack of all trades" in an office setting. Her philosophy is to be customer service orientated, whether you are the paying client or a co-worker needing my assistance. Organization and multi-tasking are the base of all Melissa’s skills that are utilized to coordinate the logistics of the day to day operations of an office. New to the recruiting world Melissa has jumped right in with employee relations and sourcing.

Ben has spent a decade working in an industry he didn’t even know existed before starting his first “real job” as a technical recruiter for a boutique staffing startup. As a lifelong “people person” constantly chided in school for “distracting other students” and “talking to his neighbors,” the role was a natural fit. Ben enjoys the collaborative and cooperative process of talent acquisition and management from a Hiring perspective, and takes acute attention to detail in order to identify the “right opportunity” from a Candidate perspective.

Ben enjoys spending time with his wife, friends, and family, loves all things Boston, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of meaningless facts that make him an asset for any trivia team.